Just had a lovely conversation with Motka's vet. She comes to the house, which is really nice. She gives him 100% for health and is really impressed with him. Based on his behavior, the health of his various parts, etc. she had plenty of good things to say about you. She said "You can always tell when the breeder knows how to do things right and does it with love." She didn't want to give him back to me after the examination and said to him, "If you were a car, you'd be a Maserati." Thought you'd like to know.

Sister Diana Dorothea

The kitties seem really happy and I think quite well-adjusted.  They really do love each other, but they also interact with us a lot. When they "chill out" during the day they will quite often seek one of us out to cuddle with.  Nadezhda has a special fondness for Mike and Dmitri has a special relationship with me.

They are both quite outgoing, thought in different ways.  When the doorbell rings Dmitri rushes to the door to see who has come for him to play with.  Nadezhda saunters out to see if they are worthy of her ignoring them.  She really has the "torti-tude"!!!  She will prance around as if to say, "aren't I just about the cutest thing you've ever seen!" and then when someone leans down to pet her she prances away, looking over her shoulder saying "not yet, you don't get to pet me...I determine when that will happen."  Our neighbor, Jane, actually has quite a way with her.  Nadezhda makes a spectacle of herself letting Jane play with her and pet her and she goes back of more.  Dmitri is really stable and pretty much loves everyone.  He is a purr factory, it doesn't take much to get his motor running

Vicki and Mike

Hi Gail!

Just wanted to send along an updated picture of Dixie, and to wish you and your family happy holidays!

As you can see Dixie has turned into an absolutely gorgeous cat.  We get comments constantly about how beautiful she is.  What makes her all the more beautiful is her loving and sweet nature.  The kids often comment that they can't remember life before her!

She sleeps with the kids at night, rotating rooms.  The craziest thing is that she will sleep in until someone wakes up!  You hear stories about cats waking their owners up at 4 a.m. - not Dixie.  She has to be with us - especially the kids - constantly.  She sits on a chair at the dinner table with us every night.  And when the kids are outside playing, she sits at the window and cries the most pitiful cry until they come back in.

She really is the best cat ever - thank you for raising such wonderful kittens!  We love our Dixie so much!

Hope you have a very happy and healthy 2015!

Kind regards,




Wintermist  Siberians

Letter from Sasha's Family
For anyone who may be looking for a Siberian kitten, Wintermist Siberians is the breeder to go to. Owning a variety of different cat breeds and experiencing varying personalities starting in my early childhood up until the time of having my own family in my mid thirties, I have never experienced such a truly amazing and remarkable breed such as the Siberian Forest cat.  The newest addition of our family, Sasha, is the most confident, well adjusted, tolerant and even tempered kitten.   Living up to the claim, at times she is dog-like whether she’s rolling on to her back for a belly rub or following us from room to room with a very intelligent and curious nature.  From the moment she arrived in our home after a 7 hour journey via car and plane from Oregon to California, you would never suspect that she hadn’t been a part of our family from the moment she was born.   This is a true testament to the love, care and nurturing she received from Gail and Fred.  Gail made the entire process of picking out a kitten sight unseen as stress free and seamless as it could be 600 miles away.  Gail was very responsive to my emails and multiple phone conversations and made sure that our family was matched with the right kitten based on the personalities of the entire litter and the needs of our home.  My husband is prone to allergic reactions when he’s around cats and he hasn’t had one sniffle since we brought Sasha home.   We have fallen in love with Sasha, our “fluff ball”, and are so fortunate and blessed to have found Gail and Wintermist Siberians.  Sasha’s Family

The girls are doing so good!  They are learning a few tricks with treats and play and run constantly.  They do play with each other a lot, but I've noticed they like to be in the same room as me and find me when it's sleepy time for snuggles.

Their favorite toys are usually crumpled paper balls, milk carton lids and pipe cleaners.  So much for fancy cat toys!

They seem pretty happy and healthy and I just adore them :)



Seriously, there is no cat sweeter and more loving than Kaia.  I feel like she's almost human like.  She is the best cat I have ever known!  Sometimes when we have our alone time, while I'm reading or on my iphone, I look at her and talk to her and my eyes well up with tears because I lover her so much.  Thank you so much for her.