QGC Cieloch Precious Jade of Wintermist

TICA 2018-19 Regional Winner Best Siberian

Color: Black/Brown Mac Tabby with White

HCM Clear/Normal

Jade is a lovely girl with a nice coat & heavy boning.  She is playful, loving and enjoys being held just like a baby.  The perfect Siberian temperment!

Wintermist Coco

Color: Black/Brown Classic Tabby

HCM Jan 2024 clear/normal

Coco is a very loving girl with a beautiful coat color.  She is out of the last breeding of our retired duo, Best and Iva. 

GC Wintermist Gypsy

2021 RW Best Black Golden Siberian & RW2nd Best Siberian 

Color:  Golden Mac Tabby

HCM Jan 2024 clear/normal

Gypsy is daughter of Iva and our boy Fedor, who we lost at a very young age.  She is a heavy boned girl, 11 pounds at 10 months and a very gentle loving temperment, just like her parents!

Wintermist Tator

Champion TICA

2022-23 NW Best Siberian Kitten

Color:  Red Mackerel Tabby w/white

HCM: Jan 2024 clear/normal

​Future King in our cattery, Tator is heavy boned, great coat, always purring and quite a ham.  He is out of Cherry Pie and Jade.

Wintermist Boo Bear

Color:  Brown/Black Mac Tabby

HCM Jan 2024 clear/normal

Daughter of Holly and Best.  We had been calling her "bear" since she was a kitten.  She looked like she came out of the forest, heavy in coat and size.

Jukagir Siberian Sapphire (Rumble)

Grand Champion TICA

2022-23 Best Black Silver Mackerel Tabby of the year 

Color: Silver Mackerel Tabby

HCM: Jan 2024 clear/normal

"Rumble" We happy to add the silver color into the cattery and are glad he and his sister were welcomed in November '21 from Ukraine.  Thank you Irina for the very friendly, loving kittens. 

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