Iva Sibaris of Wintermist

Champion - CFA

Color: Golden Ticked Tabby, C/C

FIV FelV Negative

HCM clear/normal

PDK N/N & PK def N/N


Iva is our precious girl from Russia.  She was a gentle, loving girl from the moment we met at the airport.  She has a lovely coat in the rare golden color and the beautiful fluffy tail tipped in black.

Thank you Alex and Arina for providing us with such a lovely girl!

Our Siberian Cats

QGC Cieloch Precious Jade of Wintermist

TICA 2018-19 Regional Winner Best Siberian

Color: Black/Brown Mac Tabby with White

HCM Clear/Normal

Jade is a lovely girl with a nice coat & heavy boning.  She is playful, loving and enjoys being held just like a baby.  The perfect Siberian temperment!

Wintermist Holly Berry


Color: Torbie, C/C


FIV FelV Negative

HCM clear/normal

Holly is one of our kittens out of Cherry Pie and Iva.  She has a nice full coat, beautiful color and great bone structure.  She has a calm personality, lots to "talk" about and is often found playing with Sophie, Layla and just about anyone else willing!  Holly has the same charming personality of her Dad, Cherry Pie!


Our Females

Our Males



Wintermist Maggie Mae

2018-19 Regional Winner Siberian Kitten 

Kittens staying with Wintermist

Basilic Blessing Cherry Pie

Regional Winner 2016 & 2017

Supreme Grand Champion-TICA

Color: Red Mack Tabby with White. C/C

2016-17  and 2015-16 TICA Best Red Mackerel Tabby/White Siberians of the Year

HCM clear/normal

FIV FelV negative

PKD N/N & PKdef N/N


Cherry Pie is the charmer of cattery.  He is the 2015-16 TICA NW Region Siberian of the Year.  We are very proud of him!  Cherry Pie is the son of IW RW SGC Debut Moy Verooka.  2014/15 TICA Siberian of the Year. 


Thank you to Kent and Shelley for blessing us with Cherry!

Charodey Layla of Wintermist

Champion - TICA

Color: Black/Brown Classic Tabby with White, C/C

FIV FelV Negative

HCM clear/normal

Lovely Layla...soft as silk, quiet, loving, playful.  She is often found snuggling in our bed with us.  We are very happy that she and her sister Sophie are with us.  Both have outstanding temperments!


Siber Felis Beauty of Wintermist

Champion - TICA

Color: Brown Ticked Tabby, C/C


FIV FelV Negative

HCM clear/normal

PDK N/N & PK def N/N

Charodey Sophie of Wintermist

Color: Torbie with White, C/C

FIV FelV Negative

HCM - clear/normal

Our beautiful girl Sophie.  Very gentle, loving girl who loves a good tummy rub.  She is found playing with anyone willing, including our dog, Indie.

Thank you Natalya for both of our lovely girls!

Siber Felis Best of Wintermist

Grand Champion - TICA

Color: Brown Classic Tabby, C/C

CFA Champion

FIV FelV Negative

HCM clear/normal

PDK N/N & PK def N/N


With the name Best it seemed he was meant to be ours!  I imported he and his sister, Beauty (Bella) from Poland.  Best is a sweet, gentle, loving boy and continues to develop into a nice large cat.  I am very fond of the traditional tabby pattern and color of his coat.


Thanks to Ewa for trusting us with your kittens!