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Wintermist Siberian Cattery 


Wintermist  Siberians

      Grace                                                                   My first Siberians                                                                    Oneyewu

  • Located near Portland, Oregon
  • Specializing in Traditional Siberian Forest Cat colors
  • Breeding hypoallergenic kittens for people with cat allergies
  • Imports for Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Italy and China all w/championship lines in all pedigrees
  • We show our cats in TICA to confirm our breeding practices
  • Our adult are tested PK, PKd and scanned for HCM
  • Our kittens are born and raised in our home.
  • Cattery estabished in 2013

We are a small in home cattery located near Portland, Oregon in the heart of the wine country.  My journey began in 2012 when we were looking for a cat considered to be hypoallergenic. Our daughter in law is allergic and we wanted to make sure she was comfortable when visiting.  She now visits our home with no reaction to the cats and kittens.  It is one of the most rewarding aspects of breeding the Siberians.  Being a hypoallergenic cat, a Siberian cat can be an answer for those families with members that are normally allergic.  With my discovery of the outstanding personality of the Siberian and seeing first hand that it was possible to provide kittens to people that have allergies, I began breeding these magnificent cats.

We found that the Siberians cats have personalities unlike any other cats we have ever owned.  They are "dog like", and referred to as "the cat for dog lovers".   They are smart, loving, calm, gentle, graceful and yet powerful  and strong.  Siberians have semi-long hair, a triple coat and large fluffy tails held upright with pride.  With a Siberian in your home you will never be alone, they want nothing more than to be your best friend.  They are an ancient breed and have a long history in their homeland of Russia.  Siberians are the National Cat of Russia and are referenced in many stories and fairy tales.  They are believed to be the first of the 3 forest cats in the world.

My goal is to raise healthy cats and kittens by making smart breeding choices, testing for health, providing premium food, and giving them a loving and safe environment.​  Siberians are a natural breed and one of the top genetically sound breeds in the cat world.  Our cats come from strong lines with many champion titles and we have imported several straight from Europe.  We are involved in showing our cats to help confirm that our breeding program will continue the preserve the Siberian to its breed standard.

Please take some time to look at our site and get to know these magnificent cats.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have about their wonderful personalities, hypoallergenic qualities or how one might be your perfect companion.

Our cattery is registered with TICA